when the person you hate tries joking with you


The lights go out and I can’t be saved.

you’re everything

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MJ meme | Outfit [1/2]
HIStory Teaser Film - The jacket is embellished with silver studs, braided metal epaulets, large silver tone metal badges at shoulders, metal plates over collar, white fabric armband with “777” in black, and large metal bars across front of jacket. The right arm of the jacket is hemmed shorter than the left arm to allow Michael Jackson’s signature laced armband to remain visible. The jacket also features a leather over elastic belt that is attached to a pair of custom tailored black Levi 501 jeans with striped ribbon running along the outside seam of each leg. This is one of two jackets created for Jackson’s use during the filming of the teaser film created to promote the release of Jackson’s 1995 album HIStory.

I killed  s o m e o n e

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